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How to watch scottish premier league in usa

How to Watch Scottish Premier League in the USA: Your Ultimate Guide

If you're a soccer enthusiast residing in the United States and eager to catch all the thrilling action of the Scottish Premier League, you may be wondering how to access live matches and stay up to date with your favorite teams. In this guide, we will explore the various options available to watch the Scottish Premier League in the USA, highlighting the positive aspects and benefits of each method.

I. Online Streaming Platforms:

  1. NBC Sports Gold:
  • Gain access to Scottish Premier League matches through NBC Sports Gold's "Premier League Pass."
  • Enjoy live streaming of all matches, including on-demand replays and highlights.
  • Benefit from comprehensive coverage, including pre and post-match analysis.
  1. ESPN+:
  • Subscribe to ESPN+ to access select Scottish Premier League matches.
  • Enjoy high-quality streaming with minimal interruptions.
  • Access additional soccer content, such as major international tournaments and other leagues.
  1. CBS All Access:
  • Watch select Scottish Premier League matches on CBS All Access.
  • Experience a user-friendly interface and easy navigation.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to watch matches on various devices.

II. Cable and Satellite TV Providers:

  1. NBC Sports Network (NBCSN):
  • Check your cable or

Scottish Premier League Where to Watch: A Guide for Football Fans in the US

Discover where you can catch all the action of the Scottish Premier League in the US. Explore the best platforms and channels to watch your favorite teams compete.

Are you a football enthusiast residing in the US and eager to follow the thrilling matches of the Scottish Premier League? Look no further, as this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to find the best platforms and channels to watch the Scottish Premier League in the comfort of your own home. Let's dive in!

  1. Cable and Satellite TV Options:

    If you prefer the traditional way of watching sports on TV, several cable and satellite providers offer coverage of the Scottish Premier League. Here are a few popular options:

  • ESPN: Tune in to ESPN channels such as ESPN and ESPN2, which occasionally broadcast Scottish Premier League matches. Keep an eye on their schedule to catch your favorite teams in action.
  • NBC Sports Network: Known for its extensive coverage of various sports, NBC Sports Network often airs Scottish Premier League games, allowing fans to enjoy the excitement on their screens.
  1. Streaming Services:

    Streaming services have quickly become a popular choice for sports enthusiasts, providing convenient access to a wide range of sporting

Where can i stream Scottish Premier League?

Paramount+ Stream the Scottish Professional Football League live and on-demand with Paramount+.

Is Scottish Premiership on TV?

Live Scottish Premiership football on TV is exclusive to Sky Sports in the UK with up to 48 live matches shown each season.

Is Scottish Premier League on Paramount plus?

Scottish Professional Football League Season 2024 Episodes - Watch on Paramount+

Does Amazon Prime show Scottish football?

Watch Scottish Professional Football League 2022 | Prime Video.

Does Amazon Prime have Premier League football?

Watch 20 live and exclusive matches included with your Prime membership and discover a new way to experience the Premier League. The return of the festive season means the Premier League is back on Prime Video.

How can I watch SPFL live?

Live Scottish football on TV includes 48 live matches from the Scottish Premiership shown by Sky Sports. The Scottish Cup is shared between BBC Scotland and Viaplay Sports. The Viaplay Cup is exclusive to Viaplay Sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the Scottish Premier League in USA?

CBS holds the rights to the Scottish Premiership in the USA, with a selection of matches streaming on Paramount+. The Scottish Championship and Scottish League Cup are also featured on the service.

What channel is Premier League on in USA?

NBC Sports Which channel has the rights to Premier League soccer? There are three ways of watching and streaming the world stars of English soccer: Peacock, NBC Sports and USA Network. Currently, NBC has exclusive rights to Premier League matches, taking over from Fox Sports and ESPN over a decade ago.

What app can i watch Scottish football?

Viaplay is the place to watch Scottish football, La Liga & more!


Is Scottish Premiership on Paramount plus?
Saturday, January 27. For the 2022/23 season, CBS will carry at least one Scottish Premiership match per week on either CBS Sports Network or Paramount+. The network will also have coverage of select matches from the Scottish Championship, Betfred Cup (Scottish League Cup) and Scottish League Cup.
Does Paramount plus have Premier League soccer?
Yes! You can stream matches live, on demand, and year-round with Paramount+. For information on schedules and how to watch, select a league below. Need help keeping track of your favorite soccer clubs?

How to watch scottish premier league in usa

Where can I watch Scottish league? Stream the Scottish Professional Football League live and on-demand with Paramount+.
Can you watch Premier League in USA? Where can I watch Premier League games in the USA? You can watch all 380 games during the 2023-24 Premier League season across our NBC platforms. During the season you can watch games on USA Network and NBC, plus and via Peacock Premium.
  • Is Scottish football on Paramount plus?
    • Watch Scottish Professional Football League Season 2024 Episode 45: Celtic vs. Rangers - Full show on Paramount Plus. Sign up for Paramount+ to stream this video. Celtic clash with Rangers in the Old Firm Derby as Rangers look to narrow the gap at the top of the Scottish Premier League table.
  • How can I watch the Scottish Football League?
    • The 2023/24 Scottish Premiership runs from 5 August 2023 to 19 May 2024 AEST. You can only watch the Scottish Premier League via beIN SPORTS. It will show 54 games total through the season, averaging between 1-3 games per round.