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Who won the premier league golden glove

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Cech has won the Golden Glove four times, the joint-most alongside Joe Hart, with Ederson and Pepe Reina (both three), and Alisson and David de Ge (both two) the other goalkeepers to win it more than once. Edwin van der Sar, Thibaut Courtois and Wojciech Szczesny have one to their name.

How many times has De Gea won the Golden Glove?

Multiple awards won by player
3Ederson2019–20, 2020–21, 2021–22
Pepe Reina2005–06, 2006–07, 2007–08
2Alisson2018–19, 2021–22
David de Gea2017–18, 2022–23

Who has the highest clean sheet in Premier League 2023?

Premier League clean sheets 2023/24
PlayerClubClean Sheets
Andre OnanaMan United6
David RayaArsenal6
Nick PopeNewcastle5

Who has the most clean sheets in Premier League history?

The Most Premier League Clean Sheets
  • Petr Čech: 202 Clean Sheets.
  • David James: 169 Clean Sheets.
  • Mark Schwarzer: 151 Clean Sheets.
  • David de Gea: 147 Clean Sheets.
  • David Seaman: 140 Clean Sheets.
  • Nigel Martyn: 137 Clean Sheets.

Who has the most gold gloves in history?

Greg Maddux Greg Maddux has won the most Gold Glove Awards among all players, including pitchers, in Major League Baseball history. He won 18 awards, all in the National League; his streak of wins was consecutive from 1990 through 2002 until interrupted by Mike Hampton in 2003.

Who is leading the Golden Glove in Premier League?

Premier League Golden Glove winners
SeasonGoalkeeperClean sheets
2021/22Alisson / Ederson20
2022/23David de Gea17

Who is the highest clean sheet in Premier League 2023?

Premier League Clean Sheets 2023-24 Liverpool's Alisson Becker and City's Ederson Moraes ended up with 20 clean sheets for their respective teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best goalkeeper in Premier League history?

Vidéos OneFootball
  1. 1 Peter Schmeichel. Standing at the pinnacle, Peter Schmeichel's impact on the Premier League is unrivalled.
  2. 2 Petr Cech.
  3. 3 Edwin Van Der Sar.
  4. 4 David Seaman.
  5. 5 Alisson Becker.
  6. 6 David De Gea.
  7. 7 Ederson.
  8. 8 Jens Lehmann.

Why did De Gea won the Golden Glove?

He won the Premier League's Golden Glove award for the most clean sheets in a Premier League season — keeping United's opponents scoreless in 18 games.


Who won best goalkeeper of the season in Premier League?
David de Gea has officially won the Premier League Golden Glove after Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker conceded against Aston Villa.
  • De Gea wins major award.
  • Alisson can no longer catch Spaniard.
  • Second time De Gea has won prize.
Who got the Golden Glove this season?
Before 2013/14, in such instances the award went to the goalkeeper with highest ratio of clean sheets for matches played. David De Gea is the latest winner of the award, having kept 16 clean sheets for Manchester United in the 2022/23 season.