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Who sang purple rain on bet

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Who Sang "Purple Rain" on BET? - A Brief Review

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I Will Always Love You When Houston died in 2012, the Recording Academy paid tribute to the beloved performer; Jennifer Hudson performed a spare, stunning rendition of "I Will Always Love You," which you can relive in our latest edition of GRAMMY Rewind. Wearing a simple black dress, Hudson performed the ballad backed by a simple piano.

When did Jennifer Hudson sing I Will Always Love You?

2010 In 2010 at the BET Honors former The Voice Coach Jennifer Hudson (Seasons 13 and 15) did the most soulful rendition of one of Whitney Houston's most popular tracks, "I Will Always Love You." The best part? Houston herself was in the audience during the performance, and was clearly impressed by Hudson's powerful vocals.

How many times has Jennifer Hudson been married?

In their romantic lives, Hudson has been married twice and has one kid, a 14-year-old son, David Daniel Otunga Jr. The EGOT winner was married to James Payton (1999–2007) and David Otunga (2007–2017).

What singer did Jennifer Hudson play?

Singer Aretha Franklin In 2021 Jennifer Hudson starred as legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin in the biopic Respect.

Did the actress who played Whitney Houston really sing?

Naomi Ackie has an abundance of performance scenes that see the actress emulating Whitney Houston's stage presence and energy, but Ackie isn't really singing in I Wanna Dance with Somebody — she is lip-syncing.

What type of keyboard did Stevie Wonder use?

Clavinets Wonder began to use Clavinets in the late 1960s, when he was looking for a keyboard that could play guitar-like sounds. He first used it on "Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-Day" (1968).

Who played keyboards on Stevie Wonder's songs in the key of life?

  • Stevie Wonder – lead vocals, keyboards, harmonica, drums, percussion, synth bass, arrangement, composer, producer.
  • Nathan Watts – bass guitar, percussion, handclaps.
  • Raymond Pounds – drums.
  • Greg Phillinganes – keyboards.
  • Michael Sembello – lead guitar.
  • Ben Bridges – rhythm guitar.
  • Eddie "Bongo" Brown – timbrophone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stevie Wonder a blind piano player?

Stevie Wonder not only played the keyboard despite being blind, he emerged as one of the world's greatest musicians with his keyboard being the hero of all his songs. Let's take a quick look at this music legend's life and how he overcame blindness to play the piano.

Did Jennifer Hudson sing with Prince?

Prince ft. Jennifer Hudson - Nothing Compares to You Live - YouTube.

Who all is performing at BET Awards 2023?

Fans can expect performances from stars like Ice Spice, Lil Uzi Vert, Ja Rule, Remy Ma, GloRilla and more, while Drake, Lizzo and more will vie for a number of awards. Here's everything to about the big night.

Who sang Purple Rain tribute?

Stevie Wonder performs "Purple Rain" tribute for Prince - YouTube. During his interview on "CBS This Morning," music legend Stevie Wonder performed Prince's iconic song to pay tribute to his longtime friend. Prince, one of the most creative and influential artists of his era, died Thursday at the age of 57.


Who hosting the BET Awards 2023?
Fat Joe The 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards were held on October 3, 2023, as the 17th installment of the BET Hip Hop Awards, intended to recognize the best in hip hop music of 2023. The ceremony was taped in Atlanta, Georgia on October 3, and broadcast on BET the following week on October 10. The awards were hosted by Fat Joe.
Who sang Purple Rain at the Grammys?
Prince ft Beyonce Prince ft Beyonce - Purple Rain [Premios Grammy (2004)] - YouTube.
How did Jennifer Hudson learn to sing?
She accomplished the rare feat of winning the four major North American entertainment awards (EGOT: Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony). Hudson began singing at age seven in her Chicago church choir. As a teenager, she performed at wedding receptions and in local talent shows and musical theatre.
Who was the girl in Purple Rain?
Patricia Apollonia Kotero was born on August 2, 1959 in Santa Monica, California, to Mexican parents, Maria Socorro Torres, a caregiver, and Victor Manuel Kotero, a restaurant manager. She initially pursued fame and fortune via work as an actress, singer and model.

Who sang purple rain on bet

Is Jennifer Hudson in a relationship? 3 days ago She has been working at PEOPLE since 2021. She was formerly at POPSUGAR, Bustle, Tiger Beat and Her Campus. Common and Jennifer Hudson are going public with their relationship. During The Jennifer Hudson Show, Common seemingly confirmed his romance with Hudson as she asked him about his relationship status.
How did Jennifer Hudson feel about playing Aretha Franklin? “I think Aretha saw so much more in me, in relation to her life, than I ever saw in myself,” muses Hudson, who now runs a foundation in her nephew Julian's name. “I feel she wanted a woman of faith to portray her who could truly understand the depths of those trials and tragedies.”
Who was Jennifer Hudson's husband? Hudson met David Otunga, a professional wrestler in the WWE and a Harvard Law graduate, and the couple became engaged in September 2008. In August 2009, Hudson gave birth to her first child, her son David Daniel Otunga, Jr. In November 2017, Hudson and Otunga had split.
Was James Payton married to Jennifer Hudson? No, Jennifer Hudson has never been married, though she has had 2 long-term relationships, 1 engagement, and 1 son born to her. Hudson began seeing James Payton in 1999, when she was 18 years old. Their relationship ended in late 2007.
  • Who does the best Purple Rain cover?
    • The Five Best Versions of “Purple Rain” Not Performed by Prince [Video]
      • #5- Kelly Clarkson. Kelly earns a spot in the countdown because she inspired it.
      • #4- Dami Im.
      • #3- Jessie J.
      • #2- Stacy Francis.
      • #1- The Broadway Cast of "The Color Purple"
  • Where did Jennifer Hudson learn to sing?
    • Chicago church choir Hudson began singing at age seven in her Chicago church choir.
  • What song did Purple Rain hit number 1?
    • Purple Rain's lead single "When Doves Cry" was Prince's first Billboard Hot 100 number-one single, staying there for five weeks, and was also a worldwide hit. It was ranked number one on the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1984.