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Who is the oldest player in the premier league 2024

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Who is the Oldest Player in the Premier League 2024?

If you are curious about the oldest player currently participating in the Premier League in 2024, this search will provide you with the desired information. With a simple search for "Who is the oldest player in the Premier League 2024," you will find all the relevant details you seek. Let's explore the positive aspects, benefits, and conditions for using this search term.

Positive Aspects:

  1. Up-to-date Information: The search results will offer the most recent and accurate information about the oldest player in the Premier League in 2024. This ensures that you stay informed about the latest developments.

  2. Quick and Easy Access: With a simple search, you can effortlessly find the answer to your query without spending much time or effort. The results will be readily available, saving you the hassle of extensive research.

  3. Comprehensive Details: The search results will provide not only the name of the oldest player but also additional background information, such as their age, club affiliation, and other relevant statistics. This comprehensive overview allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

Benefits of Knowing the Oldest Player:

  1. Enhanced Knowledge: Keeping track of the oldest player in the Premier League
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Who is the oldest player in premier league 2024

Title: Unmasking the Premier League's Timeless Wonder: Who Is the Oldest Player in Premier League 2024? Hey there, football fanatics! We're here with a thrilling update from the world of Premier League soccer. Today, we're diving into the intriguing realm of age-defying players, where the sands of time seem to have had little impact. So, have you ever wondered who the oldest player in Premier League 2024 might be? Buckle up, because we've got the scoop! Now, in a league brimming with youthful energy and exuberance, it's a true marvel to witness seasoned players still holding their own against the young guns. These legends have defied the odds, challenged Father Time, and continued to grace the hallowed turf with their mesmerizing skills. Without further ado, let's unveil the ageless hero who currently holds the title of the Premier League's oldest player in 2024. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for none other than the indomitable Ryan Fraser, who, at the ripe age of 35, is defying the laws of aging with every dazzling step! Ryan Fraser, a Scottish winger known for his blistering pace and pinpoint accuracy, has become a living testament to the old

Who is the oldest player in the Premier League 2023 2024?

Thiago Silva 1. Thiago Silva (39 Years, Chelsea) Topping the list is Chelsea's center-back Thiago Silva, aged 39. Silva's career, spanning over two decades, highlights his exceptional skill and fitness, making him the oldest player in the Premier League for the 2023/2024 season​​​​​​​​​​.

Who is the oldest Premier League player currently?

Thiago Silva 1 Thiago Silva - 39 years old The 39-year-old is the oldest active player in the Premier League.

Who is the oldest England player 2023?

Oldest England players
PlayerAge (Y:d)Match
Phil Foden23:2119 Jun 2023 v North Macedonia
Marc Guehi22:33716 Jun 2023 v Malta
Bukayo Saka21:28619 Jun 2023 v North Macedonia
Jude Bellingham19:27026 Mar 2023 v Ukraine

Who is the oldest football player 2023?

For years, Tom Brady was the oldest player in the NFL, but with the legendary quarterback retiring following the 2022 season, there is a new oldest player for 2023. After signing with the Seahawks practice squad following Week 1, it's offensive tackle Jason Peters. Peters is 41 years old.

Who is the oldest player that is still playing football?

Miura holds the records for being the oldest goalscorer in the J-League, the footballer with the world's longest professional career, and, as of 2023, is the oldest professional footballer in the world at 56.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the oldest player to ever play for Liverpool?

Ned Doig who appeared 53 times for the club, is the oldest player to have played for Liverpool. He was 41 years and 165 days when he played against Newcastle United on 11 April 1908.

Who is the oldest player to play for England?

On 15 May 1957, Matthews became the oldest player ever to represent England, when at 42 years and 104 days old he turned out for the victory over the Danes in Copenhagen. Despite calls by the press for him to be included in the 1958 World Cup squad, this time the selectors did not bow to the pressure.


Who was the 15 year old player in the Premier League?
Ethan Nwaneri Ethan Nwaneri: Inside the rise of the Arsenal teenager, 15, who became the youngest ever Premier League player | Football News | Sky Sports.
Who is the oldest center back in the Premier League?
Thiago Silva Oldest used players
#PlayerAge at that time
1Thiago Silva Centre-Back39 years 03 months 22 days
2Lukasz Fabianski Goalkeeper38 years 07 months 29 days
3Ashley Young Left-Back38 years 05 months 01 day
4James Milner Central Midfield37 years 11 months 29 days

Who is the oldest player in the premier league 2024

Who is the youngest person in the Premier League? Ethan Nwaneri Ethan Nwaneri became the youngest player in Premier League history in September 2022, when the 15-year-old entered the pitch as a last-minute substitute in Arsenal's 3-0 away win at Brentford.
Who is the oldest outfield player in the Premier League history? Sheringham On 19 August 2006, he became the oldest outfield player in the history of the division, at 40 years 139 days. Sheringham signed a contract to play for West Ham until the end of the 2006–07 season, and was a player at the club after his 41st birthday.