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Which team has played the most 0-0 draws in premier league history

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Which Team Has Played the Most 0-0 Draws in Premier League History?

If you are curious to know which team has had the highest number of goalless draws in the history of the Premier League, this search query will provide you with the desired information. In this brief review, we will outline the positive aspects of finding out the team with the most 0-0 draws, list the benefits of this knowledge, and highlight the conditions in which this information can be useful.

Positive Aspects:

  1. Unique Insight: Discovering the team that has played the most 0-0 draws in Premier League history allows football enthusiasts to gain a unique insight into the style and approach of certain clubs.
  2. Statistical Comparison: Knowing this information enables fans to compare teams based on their defensive capabilities and their ability to produce goalless matches.
  3. Historical Perspective: It offers a glimpse into the history of the Premier League, showcasing the evolution of different teams' playing styles over the years.
  4. Conversation Starter: Sharing this intriguing statistic with fellow football fans can spark engaging discussions and debates about the tactics and strategies employed by various teams.


  1. Enhanced Knowledge: By identifying the team with the most 0-0 draws, you can expand your understanding of

The Premier League's Draw Galore: Unveiling the Most Draws in a Season!

Hey there, footy fanatics! Today, we're diving into the depths of Premier League trivia to answer a question that has sparked curiosity in many minds: What is the most draws in a Premier League season? Prepare to be amazed by the quirky stats we're about to unleash!

Picture this: a Premier League season where teams just can't seem to make up their minds. It's like a never-ending game of tug-of-war, with both sides refusing to budge. We're talking about those nail-biting matches that leave you on the edge of your seat, wondering if anyone will ever emerge victorious.

Well, hold onto your hats, because the record for the most draws in a Premier League season stands at a jaw-dropping 19! That's right, folks, a whopping 19 matches where teams shared the spoils. It's almost as if the universe decided to play a massive prank on these teams, leaving them stranded in a perpetual state of equality.

Now, to put this into perspective, imagine 19 games where fans' hearts were left pounding, but no one walked away with bragging rights. It's a peculiar scenario, yet undeniably

Which Premier League team has the most losses?


Rank Club Stat
1. Everton 442
2. West Ham United 434
3. Aston Villa 405
4. Newcastle United 403

Who has lost the most games in a Premier League season?


  • Most defeats in total: 442, Everton.
  • Most defeats in a season: 29.
  • Most home defeats in a season: 15, Watford (2021–22)
  • Most away defeats in a season: 17, Burnley (2009–10)
  • Fewest defeats in a season: 0, Arsenal (2003–04)
  • Fewest home defeats in a season: 0.
  • Fewest away defeats in a season: 0.

Who has the most losses in the Premier League 2023?

Chelsea has lost the most matches among all Premier League teams in 2023. Chelsea has set a new record for defeats. In today's match against Wolverhampton in the Premier League, the "Blues" lost 2-1. This defeat became the 19th for the team in the Premier League in 2023.

Which team has won the most games in Premier League history?

Manchester United

Rank Club Stat
1. Manchester United 736
2. Arsenal 657
3. Liverpool 641
4. Chelsea 638

What team has zero losses?

The '72 Dolphins have remained the only NFL team to complete an entire season undefeated. That season, the team ranked first in the NFL in total offense, total defense, scoring offense and scoring defense.

Which Premier League season had the most draws?


Most PL draws in a season* 18 - Manchester City (1993/94 - 42 matches) 18 - Sheffield United (1993/94 - 42 matches) 18 - Southampton (1994/95 - 42 matches) 17 - Newcastle United (2003/04 - 38 matches) 17 - Aston Villa (2006/07 & 2011/12 - 38 matches) 17 - Sunderland (2014/15 - 38 matches)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most draws in a Premier League weekend?

In England, the record is 73% of the games, on the weekend of 10 September, 1966. 8 of 11 matches were drawn. The rarity of this high number of draws is unsurprising when you consider the frequency of the nil-nil draw.

Who has the biggest defeats in Premiership?

Top 12 heaviest defeats in Premier League history

  • Chelsea 8-0 Aston Villa- 2012.
  • Newcastle United 8-0 Sheffield Wednesday- 1999.
  • Tottenham Hotspur 9-1 Wigan- 2009.
  • Southampton 0-9 Leicester City- 2019.
  • Manchester United 9-0 Southampton- 2021.
  • Liverpool 9-0 Bournemouth- 2022.
  • Manchester United 9-0 Ipswich- 1995.

Who is the highest scorer in Premier League history?

Alan Shearer

Rank Player Stat
1. Alan Shearer 260
2. Harry Kane 213
3. Wayne Rooney 208
4. Andrew Cole 187

Who has the most away wins in Premier League season?


  • Most wins in total: 736, Manchester United.
  • Most wins in a season: 32.
  • Most home wins in a season: 18.
  • Most away wins in a season: 16, Manchester City (2017–18)
  • Fewest wins in a season: 1, Derby County (2007–08)
  • Fewest home wins in a season: 1.
  • Fewest away wins in a season: 0.
  • Most consecutive wins: 18.


Who has the most wins in a season in the Premier League history?

Most PL wins in a season 32 - Manchester City (2017/18 & 2018/19) 32 - Liverpool (2019/20)
Fewest PL wins in a season 1 - Derby County (2007/08)
Most PL home wins in a season 18 - Chelsea (2005/06) 18 - Manchester United (2010/11) 18 - Manchester City (2011/12 & 2018/19) 18 - Liverpool (2019/20)
Who has the most home wins in the Premier League in a row?
Liverpool - 24 games (9 February 2019 - 11 July 2020)

The longest-ever winning run at home in the Premier League belongs to Liverpool, in the most frightening iteration of Jurgen Klopp's side. This run began during the 2018/19 season in which Liverpool finished just one point behind Man City.

Which team has never lost in the Premier League?
In the 2003–04 season, Arsenal regained the Premier League without a single defeat. Over the 38 games played, their league record stood at 26 wins, 12 draws and 0 losses.
Who has the longest losing streak in the Premier League?
With Sunderland's 20-game losing run coming between two different managers – Mick McCarthy's 14 games and Howard Wilkinson's six – Daniel Farke became the first manager in Premier League history to suffer 15 consecutive defeats.

Which team has played the most 0-0 draws in premier league history

Which club has most Premier League losses? Losses

Rank Club Stat
1. Everton 442
2. West Ham United 434
3. Aston Villa 405
4. Newcastle United 403
What is the record for consecutive wins in Premier League? Manchester City – 18 wins (August-December 2017)

In the midst of their record-breaking year, City also set a new record for the most consecutive wins. After drawing with Everton in just the second game of the 2017/18 season, Guardiola's side would not falter again until New Year's Eve.

Who has the most draws in Premier League history? Draws

  • Most draws in total: 334, Everton.
  • Most draws in a season (42 games): 18. Manchester City (1993–94)
  • Most draws in a season (38 games): 17.
  • Most home draws in a season: 10.
  • Most away draws in a season: 10.
  • Fewest draws in a season: 2.
  • Fewest home draws in a season: 0.
  • Fewest away draws in a season: 0.
  • How many Premier League games are 0-0 at half time?
    • The most common half-time score in the Premier League is 0-0 (29% of matches so far this season). You'll find games tend to be goalless at half-time in each Premier League campaign when looking back through historical statistics. In 2022/23, foe example, 98 matches (26%) were 0-0 at half-time.
  • How many 0-0 games are there in the Premier League?
    • 0-0 Statistics For Top European Leagues
      2022/2023 Season 0-0 Statistics
      League Games 0-0s
      Premier League 380 23
      La Liga 380 26
      Bundesliga 306 15
  • How often does 0 0 happen in football?
    • There are 4,180 matches in the dataset, and of those matches only 306 ended 0–0 (7.3%). In a league where the average goals scored per game is 2.74, the volume of full time 0–0 score lines isn't surprising.