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What were the odds holly holm vs rousey

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Title: What Were the Odds for Holly Holm vs Rousey: A Surprising Turn of Events SEO Meta-description: Discover the unexpected outcome of the highly anticipated match between Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey. Read on to find out the odds, predictions, and the ultimate shock that unfolded in the ring. Introduction The world of mixed martial arts was abuzz with anticipation when the legendary Ronda Rousey faced off against the underdog Holly Holm. The odds were stacked heavily in favor of Rousey, who had a remarkable undefeated streak. However, as the saying goes, "Anything can happen in the ring," and this match proved that to be true. Let's delve into the odds and the astonishing turn of events in the Holly Holm vs Rousey showdown. 1. The Odds Were Against Holly Holm Despite her impressive record in boxing and kickboxing, Holly Holm was seen as the clear underdog in the match against Ronda Rousey. The odds were significantly in Rousey's favor, with bookmakers and experts predicting a swift victory for the reigning champion. 2. The Unexpected Victory Contrary to all expectations, Holly Holm shocked the world by defeating Ronda Rousey in a stunning

What were the odds for Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm?

2. Holly Holm (+830) def. Ronda Rousey (-1400)

Did Holly Holm defeat Ronda Rousey?

Ronda Rousey tasted defeat by the hands (and feet) of Holly Holm for the same reason many other fighters have been humbled; when you're on top there's only one way to go. The fact is that Ronda Rousey was never in the fight.

Who took Holly Homes belt?

Holly Holm lost her UFC women's bantamweight championship to Miesha Tate at UFC 196 via a rear naked choke submission in the fifth round. The fight took place on March 5, 2016, in Las Vegas, United States.

How many fights has Holly Holmes had?

Holly Holm Record: 15-6-0 (1 NC)

Who has beaten Ronda Rousey WWE?

Rousey's rift with Flair continued over the next few weeks, and on the first night of WrestleMania 38 on April 2, Flair defeated Rousey to retain the title, ending Rousey's undefeated singles streak and giving Rousey her second loss.

How do you bet on fight odds?

The most common way to bet on MMA odds is to wager on which fighter will win the bout. Oddsmakers use head-to-head moneylines to set these markets, calculating an implied probability for each fighter and then setting a corresponding moneyline for that bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What were the odds for Rousey vs Holm?

Holly Holm
UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm Nov 14th 2015
Holly Holm+825UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm
Ronda Rousey-1250Nov 14th 2015
UFC Fight Night 71: Mir vs. Duffee Jul 15th 2015

What is the difference between underdog and favorite in UFC?

The favorite is considered more likely to win, while the underdog is considered less likely to win. This is reflected in the moneyline odds—a favorite will usually carry a minus symbol in front of their moneyline odds, while an underdog will usually carry a plus symbol in front of their moneyline odds.


Why did Ronda Rousey lose to Holly?
Rousey stumbled forward after taking a straight left to her chin, and while rising, Holm connected with a kick to the side of Rousey's neck, knocking her out. Holm pounced on the fallen Rousey, causing referee Herb Dean to end the bout. MMA website Sherdog called the fight its Upset of the Year for 2015.
What is UFC fighter odds?
UFC odds explained If the moneyline odds on a fighter are +300, that means a bet of $100 would stand to win $300 (plus your original $100 back) if that fighter wins. A negative number generally indicates a favorite, which means the potential payoff will be lower.

What were the odds holly holm vs rousey

What is the biggest underdog win in UFC history? Oddsmaker Upsets
-1400 Rousey vs. +830 HolmUFC 1932015.11.14
-1300 St-Pierre vs. +850 SerraUFC 692007.04.07
-1125 Nunes vs. +700 PeñaUFC 2692021.12.11
-1100 Barry vs. +700 JacksonUFC Fight Night2022.04.23
What were the odds for the Rousey Holm fight? Rousey vs. Holm Odds
UFC 193 Rousey vs. Holm Odds
FighterRonda Rousey (c)Holly Holm
  • Did Ronda Rousey lose her WWE belt?
    • Rousey lost the title in the first-ever women's WrestleMania main event at WrestleMania 35. Rousey returned at the 2022 Royal Rumble, winning the women's Royal Rumble match. That year, she would win the SmackDown Women's Championship twice, making her an overall three-time women's world champion in WWE.
  • What fighters did Ronda Rousey lose to?
    • Ronda Rousey left UFC because she has lost two of her last fights by brutal KOs. First she lost to kickboxer Holly Holm, and that was her first ever loss in the UFC. That Fight showed that Rounda's boxing skills are lacking. And then she lost to a boxer Amanda Nunes.